Julie Rowan-Zoch

Rowan-Zoch head shot

Julie Rowan-Zoch grew up collecting freckles and chasing hermit crabs on Long Island, NY, and spent years slicing rich, dark breads in northern Germany before she found that waking up 300 days out of the year to blue Colorado skies is rather nice! If she doesn’t answer the door, she’s in the garden fighting off aphids, squirrels and her arch nemesis: Campanula ranunculus (do not be fooled by sweet purple bells!). She studied Ad/Graphic Design at FIT in NYC, and the HBK in Braunschweig. Her illustration work has been featured in three board books for Bailiwick Press, YOU’RE HERE!, YOU’RE ONE!, and YOU’RE TWO.


Download a PDF of the artist’s samples here: WPA Rowan-Zoch art samples