Kerri McDermott

McDermott headshotEven though Kerri McDermott doesn’t fit at the kids’ table anymore, she adores picture books. Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, Kerri has a strong sense of adventure that has moved her to many places, including New Orleans, Colorado, and Grand Cayman. She now lives in beautiful San Francisco, where she earned an MFA in Illustration at the Academy of Art. For her next adventure, Kerri is looking forward to diving into the world of children’s books, where we’re sure that she’ll find her seat at the table to be the perfect fit! She has a knack for finding the humorous side of things. For Kerri, the sign of a good illustration is always one that makes her laugh out loud. This is what she hopes her work will do for you, too.

Download a PDF of the artist’s samples here: WPA McDermott art samples