Tracy Subisak

Tracy SubisakTracy Subisak was born and raised in Ohio, and began to discover the world in her early teens. Addicted to travel, she’s taken any chance to go to Asia, Europe, wherever! Even if she were to stay in her own backyard, add a little imagination and wonder and there is much to discover! Tracy believes in adventure and strives to show it in her stories and illustrations. While she studied Industrial design at University of Cincinnati, her sketchbooks filled with goofy characters that have their own unique story and design to them. Tracy will make her debut as a picture-book illustrator with SHAWN LOVES SHARKS by Curtis Manley (Roaring Brook, 2016) and CY MAKES A FRIEND by Ann Marie Stephens (Boyds Mills, 2017). Tracy now resides in Portland, Oregon and is constantly on the lookout for sasquatches.

Download a PDF of the artist’s samples here: WPA Subisak art samples