Ann Marie Stephens

Ann Marie StephensAs a child, Ann Marie found being sent to her room anything but punishment. Usually upon her release, she would debut her latest story, complete with construction-paper characters and a portable stage curtain. She made the easy decision to become an author in 5th grade, after composing an ode to her recently deceased dog and reading it aloud to her class. Following her graduation from Virginia Tech, Ann Marie became an elementary teacher and has shared the thrill of writing with her students for over 20 years. While they publish books within her classroom, she publishes books outside of it, like A SURPRISE FOR RAY and CHRISTMAS FOR BLY AND RAY. She also hosts monthly meetings for educators, cleverly dubbed “Cookies and Books,” so she has the perfect excuse to promote children’s literature while eating snickerdoodles. Ann Marie will have two new picture books coming out in 2016, with Little Bee Books, and 2017, with Boyds Mills Press. When she isn’t putting pen to paper (yes, she still writes the old-fashioned way), Ann Marie likes to scuba dive, practice yoga and travel the world (with a goal of seeing all seven continents). She lives in Virginia with her soul mate, Scott, in the dream house he built for them.